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A practice with patients at its heart

With us everything revolves around the patient. Our practice has cutting edge diagnostic technology, a high level of medical expertise and a belief in maximum cooperation with colleagues in other specialities; this guarantees you receive the best possible care. With these foundations, we can pay attention to what we see as most important: the patient. We want our patients to feel that they are being well taken care of medically and as people at all times. And this is not something we just pay lip service to. We make sure that we take the time to explain the results in detail to each patient immediately after their radiology examination. We not only expect our practice team to undertake regular medical professional development but our staff is also trained in how to deal with patients in a kind and effective manner. It is our belief that only people who feel comfortable and well-looked after will be able to build up the relationship of trust with their doctor that is needed.

Well equipped for our specialisms

We have a broad range of cutting edge equipment at our disposal, making our practice extremely well equipped, in particular for the following specialisms.

•    The MRI scanners at both our practices have only recently been updated and are equipped with special transmitters and receivers, for example, for MRI scans of the wrist and of the female breast. This equipment also enables us to carry out special investigations such as magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) and MRI scans of a beating heart. Our new MRI scanner in Regenstauf is also one of the first in Germany to possess the unique Silent Scan technology, providing an almost silent MRI scan of the head.

•    Our high-resolution multi-slice CT scanner is equipped with the most up-to-date low- radiation technology, making it possible to carry out low-dose investigations with excellent picture quality. Many of our scans give only about 20–30% of the specified and usual reference dose, which is usually expected otherwise. Radiation protection is of particular importance in our practice.

•    For breast cancer screening and mammograms during treatment, we have two very up-to-date fully digital mammography systems with tomosynthesis and low-radiation PRIME technology, as well as two very high-resolution ultrasound machines. 

Our services

•    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
-    MR angiography
-    Cardiac MRI
-    MR mammography
-    Multi-parameter MRI of the prostate
-    MR cholangiopancreatography (MRCP)
-    MRI of the jaw joint
-    Silent Scan (neuroradiology)
-    MR athrography

•    Computer tomography (CT)
-    Low-dose CT
-    CT angiography
-    3D reconstructions
-    High-resolution CT of the lung (HRCT)
-    Dental CT
-    Coronary calcium scoring
-    Bone density scan

•    Mammography
-    Full-field digital mammography, for screening and during treatment
-    Tomosynthesis
-    Galactography
-    Stereotaxy

•    Ultrasound
-    Mammary ultrasound
-    Abdominal ultrasound
-    Ultrasound scans of the lymph nodes
-    Ultrasound scans of the thyroid
-    Ultrasound-guided biopsy

•    X-rays
-    Conventional x-rays of all areas of the body
-    Radioscopy, e.g. oesophageal barium swallow, phlebography and sialography




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